After Hours Pickup


Looking for your box after pick  up hours?   It is a little daunting but easy to find.  Simply drive to Amara farm.  Come through the first gate (please park your car outside of the gate if you have a dog with you, the dogs at Amara are very protective).

As you walk in you will see a wash station beside you.  There is also a cooler there.  Ignore that cooler as it is home to blueberries in the summer and storage in the winter.

Keep following the drive to the brown wood house.  There is a cooler right there.  The front looks like this:

IMG_7236Open the cooler and head inside.   You will find the shelf with boxes directly to your left.  Your box will be labeled with your pick up location and box week number.   Please take your tote, empty it into your bag and leave the box outside the cooler door.

Please note:

The cooler does not lock behind you. You can get out by pushing on the door.  A light will turn on when the door closes.

Please do not take produce from other boxes as those are earmarked for other outlets and customers.

Here is a handy dandy video so you know what you are looking for:  Cooler Video