Welcome to Merville Organics



Merville Organics is a cooperative of four growers who strive to bring you the tastiest, freshest produce we can grow in order to feed the Comox Valley with local, healthful food.

We are a diverse group of farmers who come together with 24 weeks of a food box yearly (summer and fall), all year at the Comox Valley Farmers Market and sharing our food with local partners like Healthyway Foods, Edible Island, Atlas Cafe, The White Whale, Toscanos, Red Tree Cafe, April Point, Beach Fire Brewing & Guerrilla Foods

As well we work hard to share our excess with partners like Lush Valley’s Farm Gleaning Progarm to ensure nothing goes to waste.

We are committed to reducing our fossil fuel foot print on our farms, reduce single use plastic waste and feeding our community.

Our goal is to be your trusted provider of the food that goes on your table. We recognize the privilege it is to grow food for you, our neighbours, and strive to keep your confidence daily.